Geography 477 (Field Studies in Physical Geography) students, Dan Smith, and myself in front of Bridge Glacier in September 2017. 

The following is a list of courses I have taught over the last few years and/or are part of my current appointment.

Physical Geography Courses

  • Introduction to Physical Geography
  • Hydrology
  • Mountain Meteorology
  • Weather and Climate
  • Global Climate Change1

Field Schools

  • Coastal Meteorology
  • Exploring Hydrological Processes: from theory to practice
  • Field Studies in Coastal and Marine Resources: Island Hydrology
  • From Microclimate to Climate Change
  • Geocaching 
  • Mountain Meteorology field school (coming 2019!)

Geomatics Courses

  • Advanced Spatial Analysis and Spatial Statistics1
  • Cartography
  • Computer Cartography
  • GIS Analysis
  • Introductions to Maps and GIS

Environment and Society Courses

  • Disaster Management and Community Resilience
  • Global Environmental Change and the Human Response

Directed Studies

  • Decolonizing the Clayoquot Sound Field Semester Curriculum

1Cross-listed as a Graduate Level Student Course


Geography 370 (Hydrology) and Geography 371 (Water Resource Management) students (along with myself!) on Rithet Creek Weir at the Sooke Reservoir learning about water monitoring in the CRD. (Photo from UVic Photo Services) 

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