It snowed!

It was a Christmas Miracle by all accounts … waking up to snow on the morning of the 25th in one of the few Canadian cities where that is far from ‘normal’. Winston our 8-year old corgi was thrilled to get back to his snowy roots. Raised in Winterpeg, the snow situation on the Peninsula has been a let down for him. But now, he has been running like a puppy again on our snowy adventures … wonderful to see.


Be Joyful

Wishing everyone a joyful holiday break! Marking done, grades submitted and ready for some celebrations and restful days. Still dreaming of a white Christmas in Victoria (there is a snowflake graphic on Christmas Eve in the current forecast) so fingers crossed everyone! If not, beautiful frosty mornings like todays may have to do this year.


Put a bird on it!

I am so pleased that two of my photos from this past year will be included in the UVic Geography Department’s 2018 desktop and hanging Calendars. If you are looking for a Geography themed Christmas present for someone, a few calendars are usually available for purchase at the department office.

Let the Storm Watching Field Course planning begin!

Winter storm season arrived on the west coast with some Island stations reporting in excess of 500 mm over the last few days. Mt Washington even had a dump of snow!

The storms couldn’t have rolled in at a more serendipidous time. I am knee deep in planning the Coastal Meteorology aka Storm Watching course as part of the Geography Department’s Clayoquot Sound Field Semester, starting in a few months. Looking forward to spending time in the Pacific Rim National Park at the end of January with a lucky group of students coming along for the adventure! I say bring on the waves, winds, surf and rain.


Where did your summer adventures take you?


It was a busy summer but I managed to sneak in some great hikes, camping adventures and kayak outings when my schedule would allow. This photo is from a wonderful backpacking trip I took with my friend on the Sunshine Coast in July. Fall term is right around the corner, which means I am preparing lectures and course materials. I hope you had a great summer break that was filled with adventure and discovery. See you in the classroom!

Monitoring and measuring freshwater resources in remote coastal areas

After spending a terrific week on Flores Island teaching Coastal Field Studies in Marine and Coastal Resources (GEOG 453), I am back in the office. The course was run under the theme of Island Hydrology this year, understanding how to monitor freshwater resources (quantity and quality) in remote costal areas. After spending 7-days hiking and boating around Clayoquot Sound learning about watershed management, I think myself and the students are looking forward to putting our feet up for a few days.