Juan de Fuca Adventure

I just finished hiking the Juan de Fuca Trail with a friend (4-days, 47 km). My favorite section was between Chin and Sombrio Beach … it was the right combination of ocean and forest views, the up and downs were not too intense and there were some easy grade sections to give my knees a break! It was an amazing mid-week summer adventure in my backyard.

Geography 391: Mountian Meteorology – New Class Fall 2016


I am teaching a brand new course in the department this fall (2016) – Geog 391: MOUNTAIN METEOROLOGY! Students will be introduced to meteorological phenomena associated with mountain environments, develop an understanding of the role mountains have on weather and climate in a region (from the poles to the tropics!) and gain experience with meteorological instrumentation and field data collection. If you are interested look for details on the department website: http://www.uvic.ca/socialsciences/geography/ or contact me. Pre-requisite: Geog 272.

New lens, new vantage point

The plethora of nature around Victoria has certainly sparked the photographer inside me. I still have a lot to learn, but look forward to spending some time this summer playing around with my new 600 mm lens. Yesterday I took these shots in my neighbourhood. Nature is awesome!

Christmas puzzles


The end of term (and grading!) means that I finally have a little time for some holiday cheer. This year I will start with a Christmas puzzle, a favorite tradition of mine. The table is clear, the pieces are out and Winston is in position. Happy holidays everyone!

Festive season


I have been enjoying the frosty mornings we have had this past week. It is not the same as snow, but I will take the white glow that it offers to the neighbourhood. This little House Finch is getting into the festive season … showing his red colours and basking in the sun to stay warm.

Hummingbird love


One of my favorite things about being in Victoria is year-round hummingbirds. I have a little gang that spend time in my yard, which I love. Over the summer I think I took 1-billion photos trying to capture these little birds in flight … about 1 in 100 are in focus :). It is a fun way to spend time.